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Advantages and development trend of ALOX film

Sep 22,2022

AlOx packaging film not only has the characteristics of high transparency, microwave processing, boiling or cooking sterilization, direct printing, safety and environmental protection, but also has aroma retention and superior high barrier. AlOx packaging film has excellent barrier characteristics due to:

(1) Unsaturated AlOx dissociates from Oxygen on the substrate
surface to form saturated AlOx, forming a symmetric stable structure;

(2) AlOx forms H... O bond, forming a dense structure;

(3) Non-polar molecules such as water and oxygen are not easy to adsorb with polar AlOx film.

At present, driven by the strong market demand for food, medicine and chemical products, packaging film materials continue to develop rapidly. Crystal production requires higher requirements for film materials, requiring the development of multi-functional film materials such as high barrier, freshness, heat resistance and antibacterial properties, among which high barrier film materials develop rapidly. At the same time, with the increasing shortage of resources and people's awareness of environmental protection, the development of environmentally friendly high barrier film materials has become a hot topic. In the next few years, we should continue to take high barrier film materials as the focus of research and development, shorten the gap with foreign high barrier film technology, to meet the growing market development needs.
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