Metalized BOPP Films Manufacturers

VMBOPP MBOPP-01-HS(Heat-sealable Metallized BOPP Film) MBOPP-01(Metallized BOPP Film)

Metallized BOPP Film (VMOPP Film) is biaxially oriented polypropylene film one side is corona treated and metalized, has a brilliant metal appearance, and another side is heat sealable or plain. It has other features including extremely high moisture and oxygen barrier performance, excellent metal adhesion, craze resistance, easy tear performance, and simplified structure.
This film can be used as the middle layer of high barrier packaging laminations for candy, baked foods, chocolate, etc. Because of its excellent moisture barrier, it can also be used in fractional coffee packaging.


Established in April 2000, Zhejiang Changyu New Materials Co., Ltd is a China Metalized BOPP Films Manufacturers specializing in Wholesale Metalized BOPP Films, We have about 300 employees and the factory covers an area of 40,000 square meters. With 16 metallizing equipment and 4 coating equipment, We keep stable cooperation with famous enterprises like Amcor, Bemis, Zijiang. In 2013, Changyu was awarded the title of National High-tech Enterprise based on more than 100 utility model patents and multiple invention patents. As a professional BOPP Film Factory, We have passed the ISO9001 by BSI from British, and the testing of the SGS, FDA. After years’ development, our MBOPP-01(Metallized BOPP Film) MBOPP-01-HS(Heat-sealable Metallized BOPP Film) , also export to Southeast Asia, Europe, America and other international markets.

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300 employees

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VMBOPP film, or Vapor Metallized Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene film, is a type of plastic film that has been coated with a thin layer of metal, typically aluminum. The biaxial orientation of the polypropylene provides the film with excellent clarity, tensile strength, and resistance to tearing, while the metal coating provides a high barrier to light, oxygen, and moisture. This combination of properties makes VMBOPP film an attractive choice for packaging applications where both clarity and barrier properties are important, such as food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, and consumer goods packaging. The film can be easily processed into various shapes and sizes, and it is often used in laminated structures to provide a high level of protection for the packaged products.

VMBOPP film, or Vapor Metallized Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene film, is typically produced using the following process:

Polypropylene (PP) resin is melted and extruded through a flat die to form a sheet of PP.

The sheet of PP is then stretched in two directions to form a biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film. This process improves the mechanical properties of the film and provides it with excellent clarity and resistance to tearing.

The BOPP film is then passed through a metal deposition chamber, where a thin layer of metal, usually aluminum, is vapor deposited onto one or both sides of the film.

The metalized film is then cooled and wound onto rolls.

This process results in a VMBOPP film that has excellent barrier properties and clarity, making it a popular choice for packaging applications where these properties are important. The film can be printed, laminated, or otherwise processed into various forms to meet the specific needs of the end-user.