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ALOX-P122-B to replace KPET

Oct 20,2022

We all know that sustainability is changing the world,especially the world of packaging. As various requirements of customers are proposed, more and more eco-friendly packaging innovations are introduced.

KPET film is a common transparent high barrier product, which is mainly used for printing and laminating over the past few decades. However, more and more countries are gradually requiring chlorine-free packaging.After multiple testing confirmation, Changyu has launched an alternative product, ALOX-P122-B, with the following main advantages:

1. ALOX-P122-B does not contain chlorine, which is more in line with the new environmentally friendly packaging concept.

2. Evaporated aluminum oxide and chlorine-free protective coating avoid the problem of solvent residue exceeding the standard.

3. Compared with KPET, the barrier properties of ALOX-P122-B are greatly improved, which can effectively protect food safety and prolong food storage period.

4. ALOX-P122-B can also be used for printing and laminating directly , which can directly replace similar structures KPET//PE.

5. Compared with the common 14mic KPET, the average cost($/m2) of the common 12mic ALOX-P122-B does not increase significantly.
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