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Analysis of industrial packaging film can be applied to products of various shapes

Jan 16,2021

Industrial packaging film can be adapted to packaging products of various shapes, can be close to the product, has transparency, and can improve the attractiveness of the product. As a material for packaging various products, it has been loved and widely used by all walks of life. With the diversification of products, people’s demand for it is gradually increasing. It can make the packaging more stable and tidy, and it also has strong Waterproof effect, so it can be used in all walks of life.

When buying industrial packaging film, you must first pay attention to what items are packaged with it. Different items have different requirements for it. Only by meeting the packaging requirements can it achieve the better packaging effect. Looking at its transparency, a good packaging film has high transparency, thin thickness, no impurities, particles and other foreign matter on the surface of the film. It feels good to the touch and looks good.

A good industrial packaging film itself has electrostatic adsorption and self-adhesiveness, and has a strong adsorption force. It is inevitable that it will bump during the packaging of the cargo pallet. At this time, a good one will exert its puncture resistance function. Toughness is the comprehensive property of puncture resistance and tear resistance of this product. The vertical combination is in this direction, even if the bag is not left firmly, so you tear off the loose bag, and the tear level is taken horizontally.

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