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Characteristics of easy-tear film sealing material

Dec 12,2020

Easy-tear film, also known as easy-tear sealing film, is currently a relatively high-end sealing packaging product. With the rapid development of the packaging industry, convenient and easy-to-use packaging products are widely used in all walks of life, and easy-tear film is one of them. One kind.
The easy-tear film has the advantages of good sealing, easy to tear off, and keeps the mouth clean and beautiful. At the same time, the easy-tear film also has excellent characteristics such as high corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, acid decomposition resistance, long shelf life, and resistance to harsh weather.

In daily production and life, easy tear film is mainly used in food, medicine and cosmetics packaging industries. It is a kind of inner packaging. It protects goods and protects various containers (various plastic bottles, plastic boxes, And disposable milk tea cups, etc.) for sealing.
The characteristic of the easy-tear sealing film is that the seal is tightly sealed, and it is easy to tear off during use. The container mouth is very clean. It is currently the most practical internal packaging product at home and abroad. It is used for plastic cups, bowls and other packaging containers. Among them, there are also special easy-opening plastic bag-type films.
Easy-peelable easy-opening film is a variety that is widely used in easy-opening film. The basic principle of the production of easy-peelable easy-opening film is usually to reduce the peeling strength of the film after heat sealing through a specific formula, so as to achieve the original intention of not only effectively protecting the contents of the package, but also facilitating opening.

The easy-peelable easy-opening film generally adopts a multilayer composite structure, with at least two layers, the main layer and the heat-seal layer. The function of the main layer is to give the film higher rigidity and higher tensile strength and tear strength. At the same time, it usually makes the main layer of the easy-peel and easy-opening film have a high melting point, so that the main layer and the heat-sealing layer are
It has a large melting temperature difference, thereby improving the heat-sealing processability of the film; the heat-sealing layer is also called the adhesive layer, and its function is mainly to give the film sealing reliability and the film’s easy peelability. Obviously, the heat-sealing layer The selection of materials is crucial to the performance of the easy-opening film.
In order to obtain high-quality easy-peelable and easy-opening films, the material of the heat-sealable layer often uses special adhesives or special formulas; when the product requirements are not high, the material of the heat-sealable layer can also be formulated with a specific brand of general resin. There are two ways to seal the film after peeling off, one is clean and no residue,
One is that there is a small amount of residue locally. The two easy-to-peel principles are similar, and the raw materials used are different, which can be designed according to user needs.

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