How to deal with the large area transfer of aluminum plating?

The aluminized adhesion of aluminized CPP has a great influence on the composite strength, and the adhesion of the aluminized layer mainly depends on the CPP substrate and the aluminizing process. The use of modified CPP on the CPP substrate can greatly improve the aluminized layer Adhesion, plasma treatment during aluminum plating can also improve the strength of aluminum plating on the CPP substrate by removing small molecules on the CPP surface. In addition, choosing a suitable adhesive and a low-temperature and short-time curing process can reduce the damage to the aluminum coating. Adhesives are recommended to use glues with high molecular weight, good flexibility, and low stress during curing. When the adhesive is layered by itself, the adhesive usually uses two-component glue when compounding. If the molecular chain formed after the glue itself is solidified, it is easy to break itself, which will cause the adhesive itself to break and ultimately reduce the peel strength. The unreasonable formulation of the composite process will also greatly affect the peel strength, such as the use of VMCPP for sizing, excessive tension, foreign matter on the guide roller, and long-term curing at high temperature.

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