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How to distinguish the types of PET release film?

1. According to the material, the release film can be divided into: PET release film (polyester release film), BOPP release film (polypropylene release film), PTFE release film (polytetrafluoroethylene release film), ETFE Release film (Flon-resistant release film), FEP release film (Teflon release film), PMP release film (TPX release film, polymethylpentene release film), PE barrier film ( Polyethylene release film), PVC adhesive film (polyvinyl chloride release film), EVA adhesive film (ethylene ethyl acrylate release film), PC release film (polycarbonate release film), ABS release film film (acrylonitrile release film), PS release film (polystyrene release film), PMMA release film (polymethyl methacrylate release film).

2. According to the surface treatment, the release film can be divided into: single-sided silicon-containing release film, double-sided silicon-containing release film, silicon-free release film, fluorine release film, single-sided corona release film, double-sided release film Corona release film, corona-free release film, single-sided frosted release film, double-sided frosted release film, single-sided polished release film, double-sided polished release film, single-sided matte release film, double-sided Matte release film, etc. The release film can be divided into: transparent release film, translucent release film, milky white release film, blue release film, yellow release film, red release film, green release film, etc.

3. According to the structure, the release film can be divided into: adhesive release film, non-adhesive release film, and composite release film (that is, the base material of the release film is a composite of two or more materials )Wait.
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