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How to effectively solve the problem of ink drop of PET film material?

May 12,2022

PET film has excellent physical properties, chemical properties and dimensional stability, transparency, recyclability, and can be widely used in magnetic recording, photosensitive materials, electronics, electrical insulation, industrial films, packaging decoration, screen protection, optical grade Mirror surface protection and other fields. The width specification of high temperature polyester film can be produced according to actual demand. With the development of special functional films, new uses of polyester films are also emerging. Can be produced into mobile phone LCD protective film, LCD TV protective film, mobile phone keys and so on.

PET film material is a polymer with low surface energy. It has poor wetting ability to ordinary ink and poor fastness after ink printing. Therefore, no matter what printing method is used, surface treatment must be carried out. The measures usually used are to increase the surface energy of the material by corona treatment, or to change the physical properties of the material surface, and to do surface coating treatment.

Professional electronic label printing companies generally use coated PET film materials to print labels, because the performance of such materials is stable, and the firmness of the ink layer of the label can be guaranteed. The surface wetting characteristics of the PET film material are changed by surface coating, the coating characteristics are stable, and the material can be stored for a long time. Coated PET film materials sometimes have problems when printing, due to changes in coating thickness, coating formulation changes, formulation stability, and changes in the PET film substrate itself, all of which can cause ink fastness problems.
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