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How to use PE protective film correctly?

The PE protective film is as easy to use as a piece of tape. However, as the protective film strip increases in both width and length, the difficulty factor also increases a little in response. Handling a 4' wide by 8' long tape is a different matter than handling a 1" wide by 4" long tape.

A bigger challenge is getting a large piece of PE protective film to perfectly align with the target surface and then lay it down without creating unsightly wrinkles or air bubbles, which can be difficult to handle, especially on irregular product surfaces.

In order to better stick the protective film on the surface of the product and make it as perfect as possible, we need at least two people. One person holds the roll of protective film, while the other pulls the torn end to the other end of the product that needs to be protected, sticks that end to the target surface, and manually presses the protective film into place, towards the side holding the roll. people. This method is labor-intensive and low-efficiency, but the work effect is quite good.

Another way to manually apply a large sheet of PE protective film to a large sheet of material is to apply the material to a film. The following describes a relatively simple method of applying bulk (4.5 x 8.5 ft) surface armor to 4 x 8 ft of material. You will need a roll of double-sided tape and a utility knife. (Note: The material in question should be able to tolerate a certain amount of processing for this method to work successfully.)
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