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How about the high temperature resistance of PE protective film?

The high temperature resistance of PE protective film, PE protective film is widely used in food packaging and protective film, and it is also very common in life. Among the traditional packaging, the general food industry and the medical industry use the largest number, and the packaging used in the past has great environmental pollution. Life is basically using PE protective film for food packaging and preservation. PE protective film is often in two temperature states, one is low temperature and the other is high temperature. What is the higher high temperature resistance of PE protective film. Polyethylene protective film is the simplest polymer organic compound in the world, and it is also the most widely used polymer material in the world. PE protective film is based on special polyethylene (PE) plastic film. According to different densities, it can be divided into high-density polyethylene protective film, medium-density polyethylene protective film and low-density polyethylene protective film. PE can be divided into low density polyethylene (low density polyethylene) and high density polyethylene (high density polyethylene). The continuous working temperature of polyethylene is 60°C, and the continuous working temperature of high-density polyethylene is 80°C. High temperature resistance can reach 100℃. Heating the PE protective film will not release toxins. Characteristics of PE protective film: 1. The adhesion and thickness of the protective film should be selected according to the product and environment used by the customer. 2. Stable adhesion, suitable for products in various high-temperature environments, and provides a good protection scheme for high-temperature forming plates such as diffusers, whiteboards, PC/PET/PVC boards, etc. 3. The temperature-resistant protective film does not produce water filaments, white fog, ghost images and other phenomena while effectively protecting it, and is easy to peel. It is widely used in polishing, electroplating, circuit boards and other products.
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