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How to choose PET release film?

1. Pay attention to the cost performance of the release film Although each brand of PET release film will have some differences in price, it is generally in a reasonable range. Therefore, if you want to get a high-quality and cheap PET release film, you must pay attention to multiple brands of PET release film. Products are compared, and cost-effective release films are selected when the materials, processes, and quality are the same. 2. Pay attention to the characteristics of the release film Although the same type of substrate is used in the production of PET release film, different release agents will result in different release film characteristics, and the fields and ranges of use have their own focus. Therefore, when purchasing, it is not only necessary to look at the material of the PET release film, but also to choose according to the mechanical properties, chemical properties, and peeling properties. 3. Pay attention to the use range of release film The main purpose of purchasing PET release film is to meet the production needs of the product, so it must be selected according to the scope of use of the release film to ensure that it can meet the production requirements of the company's products. For example, PET release film used for sealing tape, waterproof membrane, etc. is suitable for single-sided release film; for reflective material back adhesive protection, it is suitable for double-sided release film.
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