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What are the custom conditions for food strip packaging films?

Food strip packaging appears in the form of roll film too. In daily production, coffee packaging, solid beverage packaging, and milk powder packaging are more commonly used.
At present, in the market, the customized production of strip packaging film is mostly made of aluminum foil, which is another important packaging material for solid dosage forms besides blister packaging. Food strip packaging film is suitable for high-speed automation and large-volume production, so the production cost It has great advantages in terms of light weight, easy to carry and use, long storage period, and good protection of packaging materials. It is favored by the market. It is favored by the market for solid preparations such as tablets and capsules and food packaging such as There are a large number of applications in many industries such as solid beverage packaging.
The food strip packaging film is mainly aluminum foil composite film, which has the advantages of aluminum foil material in packaging performance, such as excellent shading performance, excellent moisture resistance, and can prevent the products in the package such as medicines and solid beverages from moisture absorption and deterioration. The gas barrier properties and taste retention properties of the drug products, solid beverage products and other contents have a good protection of the gas and taste, and have an excellent effect on extending the shelf life of the contents. In order to ensure that the food strip packaging film is suitable for automation, mechanization, and large-scale operations, the strip packaging film is required to have good processing adaptability, good heat sealing performance, and a certain tensile strength and elongation. Therefore, the commonly used strip and package composite film material structures in the market are: PET/AL/PE, suitable for general product packaging; OPP/AL/PE, AL/PE, which are convenient and easy to tear.

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