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Is the plasticity of PET polyester film good?

Apr 09,2021

The use of PET polyester film in the packaging industry has become more and more widespread, because PET polyester film is a very light packaging material, so the use of this material for packaging will not increase the weight of the material, compared to other packaging materials. It can reduce the burden caused by packaging, so it is very popular in the packaging industry. This kind of film also has good insulation properties and is relatively easy to process. It can be easily processed only by manual monitoring of equipment processing. There is no cumbersome process, and it is more flexible, which can reduce a lot of burdens on the production of manufacturers. In addition to the packaging industry, the electronics industry also favors this material, which is neither conductive nor fireproof, and has a wide range of applications. PET polyester film also has good plasticity. In addition to the common transparent styles common to people, it can also be patterned on PET polyester film according to requirements, and it can also be engraved with the desired text, such as a manufacturer’s packaging When you use this kind of packaging film for your products, you can engrave your company's name on the film, which is both beautiful and can play a role in promoting the company. Compared with many traditional packaging materials, PET polyester film has many advantages. The surface is shiny, beautiful and generous, and it can maintain stable chemical performance when encountering some chemical reagents, but some packaging materials cannot do this. , It will react with chemicals and affect the beauty of the package, and even the items inside. Therefore, the packaging material of PET polyester film should be vigorously promoted, which can promote the development of many industries.
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