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Knowledge introduction about the production quality inspection of aluminum foil composite film

Dec 18,2020

The aluminum foil composite film has good stability and metallic luster, as well as many good packaging properties, beautiful appearance, eye-catching, and is used in product packaging in all walks of life in life. As a kind of packaging products, its protective function is undoubtedly one of the basic functions. It should be strictly emphasized in the production quality, so as to avoid the quality problems of the products produced and appear in the market. Correspondingly, product quality inspection is also very important.
When inspecting the produced aluminum foil composite film, we can intuitively feel its printing quality problems, such as whether there is any phenomenon such as wire drawing, fogging, blockage, missing printing, etc., and the two color joints printed on the surface Is there a third color?
Secondly, after observing the printing quality of the product, you need to check the quality of its materials. A product that meets the quality standard should be odorless and odorless in the materials used, and it is also necessary to check the transparency, clarity of the packaging bag and whether it is uniform and free of impurities.
Furthermore, the intuitive performance of the aluminum foil composite film in protecting the product function is its stability and heat-sealing strength. We can directly align it with the edge of the product and tear it to test. Products made of nylon and high-pressure film are generally hand-made. Tear is difficult to tear and can be used to pack heavier products, while products made of OPP heat-sealing film are easy to tear, and only lighter products can be installed.
At the same time, after the product is torn, it depends on the shape and structure of its section. If it is torn evenly from the middle of its heat seal, it means that the performance of the aluminum foil composite film is poor; and if it is torn from the sealing edge, it means The heat sealing quality is better.

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