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Lithium battery aluminum plastic film packaging application

Dec 31,2020

Aluminum foil packaging products have always been used in a huge market in the packaging industry. Anti-static, anti-electromagnetic interference, high barrier, good oxygen barrier, water barrier and many other properties can be achieved by aluminum-plastic composite film.

Among the many aluminum-plastic composite film products, the lithium battery aluminum-plastic film should also be regarded as a more special one. The composite film composed of an outer nylon layer, a middle aluminum foil layer and an inner heat sealing layer is a soft packaging lithium battery cell package The key is. The aluminum plastic film of lithium battery can protect the lithium battery after the monolithic lithium battery is encapsulated.

Nowadays, with the continuous progress and development of packaging technology, a variety of flexible packaging products are widely used in various industries, and lithium battery packaging is no exception. To a large extent, flexible plastic packaging has an incomparable advantage over traditional packaging. Take the aluminum-plastic film of lithium battery as an example. The aluminum-plastic film of lithium battery has the advantages of light weight, thinner thickness, flexible shape design, etc., compared with traditional aluminum shell, steel shell and other lithium batteries in terms of safety, specific capacity and internal resistance. Packaging materials can be said to have obvious advantages, so the application of lithium battery aluminum-plastic film in lithium battery product packaging has become more and more common in recent years.

The large number of applications of lithium battery aluminum plastic film in the packaging of lithium battery products also benefit from its packaging effect on lithium battery products. The nylon layer material of the aluminum plastic film of lithium battery can effectively prevent the penetration of air, especially oxygen, and help maintain the environment inside the battery cell. At the same time, it can ensure that the packaging aluminum foil has good deformation ability and can wrap the product well; The aluminum foil layer material of the film can effectively prevent the penetration of moisture in the air, and also help maintain the internal environment of the cell, and the aluminum foil material has quite good strength, which can prevent physical damage to the cell caused by external forces such as external extrusion and collision In addition, the inner heat-sealing layer material needs to ensure that the aluminum plastic film of the lithium battery will not be dissolved or swelled by the organic solvent in the battery core, and it is also a key material layer for lithium battery packaging.

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