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Matters needing attention when processing PET color film

May 06,2021

Although the PET polyester film is beautiful in style, people's requirements for things are often more than that, so the PET color film is one of the derivative forms. In daily life, we can see that many products are packaged with PET color film. So what matters should be paid attention to when producing and processing PET color film. First of all, it can be seen that the decorative effect of the colored film is more advantageous and more prominent than the ordinary PET film, so you need to pay attention to the difference between the two processing methods when making. Color film is a kind of fragile film. It is necessary to master the set parameters during production and processing. If the parameters are not correct, it will directly affect the production of color film. Secondly, you need to pay attention when choosing production equipment. Choose the right equipment, otherwise it will affect the result of the product. For example, if the equipment is not professional, the PET color film after production may be damaged. Therefore, before processing the PET color film, the operator needs to modulate the production machine through testing in advance, and then proceed with the production process after confirming that it is correct. When processing the PET color film, you need to pay attention to the surrounding temperature. If the temperature is too high, the color film will be affected, resulting in deformation and other problems. Secondly, the color film cannot be used as the outermost film. It can only be used as the base film to better ensure the production effect, because if the color film is placed on the outer layer, it is easy to be stretched and wrinkle.
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