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Metalized PET Films and Their Industrial Applications

Metalized PET films can be used to replace conventional PET film for a number of purposes, including the manufacture of packaging and protective covers. Here, we'll discuss the different ways metalized PET films are used, from packaging to consumer goods.

High barrier oriented PET film
Biaxially oriented PET films show excellent clarity and a semicrystalline structure. These films are made using a process called heat setting. A typical Young's modulus of 4 GPa is achieved by heat setting biaxially oriented PET film. The high barrier properties of the film are due to the molecular orientation of the polymer chains. The molecular orientation causes numerous crystal nuclei to be formed in the film. Crystallites are nanometer-sized particles, each smaller than the wavelength of visible light.

Compared to conventional PET films, high barrier oriented metalized PET films can offer many advantages. Their metallic appearance provides a highly effective barrier that prevents heat and moisture from passing through the film. The film's ability to resist moisture also makes it a viable option for packaging in various applications. High barrier oriented metalized PET film can be used in a wide variety of applications. These films are available in various micron thicknesses, from 12 micron to 80 micron.

Properties of metalized PET film
Metalized PET films have excellent mechanical properties and are suitable for various industrial applications. They exhibit excellent barrier properties and good mechanical flexibility, and are heat stabilized. These films are also used as insulators in capacitors and wires and as base materials for audio and video tapes. Metalized PET films are widely used in industrial applications. Thin PET films serve as dielectrics in capacitors, are substrates for flexible solar cells and organic light emitting devices, and are corrosion protective films.

Although metallized PET films are not entirely transparent, they have a silvery reflective surface that can be printed on, dyed, varnished, brushed, embossed, and coated. The highly reflective surface of these films creates an appealing optical effect and serves as a barrier against electromagnetic radiation.

Application of metalized PET film in industrial applications
Metallized PET film is an excellent option for industrial packaging applications due to its high toughness and mechanical strength. It is also heat stabilized and can be used as insulation for wires and capacitors. It can also serve as the base material for audio and video tapes. The film can be fabricated from various materials and the process to metallize it is the most commonly used.

For monofilament applications, metalized PET film is formulated into SSP pellets. This process involves many steps, including extrusion. These steps determine the monofilament's properties during the extrusion process and the draw-down process after it emerges from die-plate holes. The process itself is highly dependent on the desired properties of the monofilament. For instance, the film's water vapor barrier is increased by about ten times.
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