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Metallized film is available in various forms

Oct 28,2022

The market for metallized films is divided according to the material used and the end-use industry. Rising demand for packaged food products and growing demand for decorative packaging are major factors driving the market. In addition, the growing popularity of metallized films for gift-wrapping is also expected to boost the market growth.

Metallized film is available in various forms, which can be printed to produce a wide variety of optical variants. It is stronger than aluminum foil and can achieve a mirror-like finish. This type of film has a wide range of applications, including food and textile packaging. This type of film also offers a unique opportunity to combine barrier and protective functions in one material.

Metalized film can be manufactured in different thicknesses from 0.5 to 8 mil. They come in either single or double coatings. They are transparent, anti-static, and resistant to high temperatures. In addition, they are available in a wide range of colors. The secondary applications of metallized film include sheeting, die cutting, rewinding, slitting, and spooling.

Metallized films are typically used in automotive, aerospace, electrical, and electronics applications. Other uses for metallized films include packaging, plumbing, and consumer goods. In addition, some products are used in microwave and radio frequency applications and even in transdermal drug delivery. However, there are some limitations to metallized film usage.

A major benefit of metallised films over foil is that they offer greater barrier strength and flexibility. In addition, they are significantly cheaper than aluminum foil and can be heat-sealed. But one of the main disadvantages of metallic films is that they do not have any memory properties or wrinkle-causing properties, like those of aluminum foil.
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