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Metallized PET Films are used in many applications in the packaging industry

Nov 18,2022

Metallized PET Films are used in many applications in the packaging industry. These films offer various technical and aesthetic characteristics that enable users to combine the barrier functions of plastic with attractive appearance. Metallized PET films are a promising alternative to aluminum foils in a number of applications. These films can be used for printing, decorative adhesive tapes, and insulation systems. They are also suitable for a wide range of applications in the technical and industrial sectors. They are characterized by a high resistance to chemical and heat damage, and are therefore ideal for long-term durability.

There are several types of metallized PET films available. These films are aluminized PET films, metalized polyester films, and semi-metallized PET films. Each type of film has its own technical and decorative properties. The aluminized film has the physical properties of a plastic film with the advantage of being reflective and translucent. It is also suitable for flexible food packaging. The non-metallized film is lighter and less prone to corrosion. It has a higher gloss level than aluminium foils. It is also more tear resistant and able to resist winkles.

In addition to aluminized PET films, PET-met films are also an environmentally friendly alternative to aluminum. These films contain 1% of aluminum needed for aluminum foils, and are a cost-effective alternative to aluminum. The polymer backbone of PET can be replaced with cyclohexanedimethanol, which lowers the melting point of the polymer. These films are used in various applications, including as insulation for power cables, for undersea cables, and as base films for flexible organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs).

PET is an amorphous polymer that is characterized by small crystallites and spherulites. These crystallites have small angles in the chain, which can disturb the crystallinity of the polymer. These properties make PET suitable for applications that require resistance to heat or moisture. However, they are not suitable for applications that require high gas tightness.

Metalized PET films are also suitable for flexible OLEDs on plastic substrates, which have short lifetimes. They have been tested at various bending radii. The films are also characterized by their high tensile strength and flexibility. The films are able to provide strong adhesion to coated stocks, which makes them suitable for printing and tape applications. They also offer abrasion resistance. They are also useful in food packaging, where they are used for snacks and containers for beverages. The film is also ideal for thermoformable container covers, which retain their aroma and flavour for a long time.

The metallized PET films have several benefits, such as their ability to provide a strong barrier against UV light, a high gloss level, and a superior mirror effect. They can be printed in a similar way as aluminium foils, and offer a wider variety of optical variants. The metalized PET films also offer higher resistance to chemicals and heat damage, and are therefore ideal for long-term durability.

PET is a biaxially oriented thermoplastic film, which is characterized by high mechanical strength and toughness. These films are also used as base films for magnetic recording media, audio and video tapes, and as insulation for electric motors and capacitors. They also have good barrier properties, which make them useful for applications in the telecommunications industry. They are also used in the food industry, as well as in the manufacture of cosmetic products.
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