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Metallized Twist PET Film for a variety of applications

Metallized Twist PET Film is a kind of PET film with the surface of the film is metallized. It is mainly used in the flexible packaging field and used for a variety of purposes. It has the properties of good mechanical strength, gas barrier, and water vapour barrier. The material can be used for flexible packaging, metallic yarn, and decorative purposes. These properties can increase the shelf life of packed products. It can also provide the advantages of multicolour printing.

Metalized PET film is usually used as flexible packaging, as well as for the packaging of metallic yarn and sequins for textiles. It is widely used in the packaging industry for its physical and aesthetic properties. The film also has the advantages of a higher lamination bonding strength and gas barrier properties. The film is available in a variety of thicknesses. Typical market offerings are in the range of 18 to 22 micron. In addition, a high tensile strength can reduce the cost of production and speed up the production process. It can also improve the bonding strength of the packaging material.

This kind of film has excellent dead fold retention, good mechanical strength, and smooth run ability on the packing machine. It can be used for various products like candies, snack food, slap-up candies, and other confectionary products. The metallized PET is produced by calendering or casting production processes. It can also be used for multilayer packaging. The film is also used for the packaging of mineral water, beverage, and ice cream.

There are a variety of metalized PET films available from different manufacturers. The metalized PET film has the properties of high barrier, optical properties, and the ability to protect the food and drink from contamination. In addition, it has the advantages of good mechanical and thermal properties, and good optical properties. It is also a recyclable material. The material can be used for a variety of applications, and is mainly used for the packaging of mineral water, beverage, ice cream, and other confectionary products. It is also used for christening gifts and floor bricks.
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