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PE protective film successfully replaced cellophane

With the development of my country's PE protective film production technology, a large number of PE protective film manufacturers have emerged, quickly transforming our country from a net importer of protective film to a net exporter, and has made great contributions to my country's economic development. The protective film produced is mainly concentrated in developed industries in Japan, the United States and Europe. Due to the early industrial development in Europe and the United States, the surface protection requirements of products entered earlier than in Asia to reduce the loss of surface scratches encountered during transportation, handling, storage, and even product display from the factory to the market. European brands take the lead in rubber glue protective film, and rubber glue protective film is still a complex industry for the post-processing of stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, and even some plastic parts due to its characteristics. In terms of technological innovation, PE protective film has increased R&D investment. At present, the pace of adjustment of the fastener industry in my country has accelerated, from the one-sided pursuit of output value to the improvement of quality and brand effects, from the one-sided pursuit of large and complete, to the direction of specialization, refinement and specialization, and from production to production service. The change, the centralization of the fastener industry has become apparent. The three major fastener industry clusters in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and the Bohai Bay were initially formed, and a number of fastener industry bases in Jiaxing, Ningbo, Wenzhou, Dongguan, Xingtai, Hebei, and Yongnian were built. In the 21st century, market competition has further intensified. In order to maintain the sustainable and stable development of the fastener industry, we have proposed a new idea of ​​"adjusting in development and upgrading in adjustment". Adhere to the adjustment of market structure and product structure, promote enterprise restructuring and industrial agglomeration, and promote the transformation of the economic growth mode of the entire industry. PE protective film is a low-density product, reflected in the same weight, the length of PE film is more than twice that of PVC film. At the same time, it does not move. It is especially suitable for printing lines (such as rubber lines) and low-adhesion white lines. It can more effectively prevent the screen printing from falling off and ensure that the white lines will not turn yellow. At the same time, due to the unique high transparency of the product, the packaged product can be more beautiful. This product is widely used in wires, cables, hoses, steel pipes, various finishing rolls, mechanical equipment, hardware accessories, furniture, building decoration materials, tourist sports shoes, etc.
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