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PVDC/BOPA film: the ideal protector for boiled food

May 23,2024

In the vast field of food processing, boiling processing, as a common cooking method, is widely used in the production of various foods, especially instant noodles and meat products. However, these foods face many challenges during processing, such as how to ensure that the food is not contaminated in high temperature environments and how to maintain the taste and quality of the food. In response to these problems, PVDC/BOPA film has become an ideal packaging choice for boiled food due to its unique properties.

PVDC/BOPA film combines the high barrier properties of polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) and the excellent mechanical properties of biaxially oriented polyamide (BOPA) to provide comprehensive protection for food. During high-temperature cooking, the film maintains its original barrier and mechanical properties, ensuring that food is not damaged or contaminated during processing.

Boiling processing usually requires high temperatures, which places extremely high demands on packaging materials. PVDC/BOPA film can maintain stable performance at high temperatures and effectively prevent the penetration of oxygen, water vapor and other harmful substances. This means that during the boiling process of foods such as instant noodles and meat products, the PVDC/BOPA film can form a strong barrier to ensure the isolation of the inside of the food from the external environment, thereby avoiding food contamination.

In addition to barrier properties, PVDC/BOPA films also have excellent mechanical properties. During high-temperature cooking, food may expand due to water absorption or become soft due to high temperatures. However, the biaxially stretched structure of PVDC/BOPA film gives it excellent tensile and tear strength, allowing it to withstand these changes without cracking or deforming. This ensures that food is fully protected during processing while also reducing food waste due to damaged packaging.

For foods that require long-term cooking, such as certain meat products, PVDC/BOPA films also perform well. It can withstand the pressure and humidity changes caused by high-temperature cooking and maintain the original taste and quality of food. This is due to the excellent heat resistance and moisture resistance of PVDC/BOPA film, which can maintain stable performance in high temperature and high humidity environments.

With its high-temperature stability, excellent barrier and mechanical properties, and good high-temperature cooking resistance, PVDC/BOPA film provides comprehensive protection for foods that need to be cooked. It not only ensures that food is not contaminated and damaged during processing, but also maintains the original taste and quality of food. Therefore, PVDC/BOPA film is undoubtedly an ideal packaging choice for foods that require boiling and processing, such as instant noodles and meat products.
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