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The introduction of Semi metallized PET film

Sep 01,2022

VMPET SEMI film originated in the 1960s. Developed industrially advanced countries began to fully understand the hazards of static electricity, the rapid development of anti-static packaging materials has continuously improved the quality and reliability of electronic products, and the service life of electronic devices has increased substantially. Military The explosion accidents of flammable and explosive products have been greatly reduced, and electrostatic protection has been widely noticed in China in recent years.

VMPET SEMI film has a wide range usage in electrostatic protection, such as anti-static shielding bags for various types of PC boards, IC integrated circuits, optical drives, hard drives, and electronic components;make to electronic shielding tapes are used to protect a precision electronic circuit board. Precision electronic components. The electronic film can also take advantage of the micro-coating's ability to absorb microwave energy and convert it into heat quickly. Using the electronic film with a specific coating thickness for microwave heating can greatly improve the heating efficiency of microwave ovens and other products and reduce the loss of microwave energy.

At present, electronic film products have been widely used in the anti-static shielding protection of large electronic companies such as Samsung Electronics, Foxconn, Sony, and Fuji in Japan, as well as microwave heating products at home and abroad in the domestic and foreign markets.
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