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The metalized PET film can be applied to a wide range of products

The metalized PET film can be applied to a wide range of products, including custom packaging, lighting, printing and insulation. The aluminum coating enhances the properties of the PET film, while adding a metallic shine. This material is also known as aluminized Mylar.

Metalized PET film is made by coating a polyester film with a thin layer of metal. While it has some similarities to aluminium foil, its physical properties, optical characteristics and durability make it an ideal solution for a variety of different applications. For instance, it is more heat and tear resistant, less susceptible to corrosion and offers a smoother finish.

Metallized films are widely used in the food and beverage industries for packaging and labeling. These films are also employed as an insulating film blanket in spacecraft applications. They are also used for radiation shields in nuclear physics. Their special properties provide a cost-effective alternative to aluminum. Other metals can be used in conjunction with the polyester to achieve a wide array of other applications.

Metalized PET film is the fastest-growing segment in the flexible packaging industry. The material is ideal for a wide variety of applications, ranging from blackout window treatments and decorative adhesive tapes to electromagnetic radiation barriers and oxygen barriers. Compared to aluminum, it has a higher gloss level and a stronger mirror effect.

Another common application for metallized PET films is in the production of laminates. It is often used for food, beverage and cosmetic packaging, and is a great alternative to aluminum, especially in the case of snack packaging.

Similarly, metallized PET films are ideal for a variety of applications in the medical and health care industry. They are often used in proximity suits, as they are durable and can help conserve body heat. As well, they are used in firefighter's uniforms as an antistatic container for sound insulation.
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