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What are the actual classifications of PET polyester film?

Apr 30,2021

Nowadays, many industries use PET polyester film, and many users don’t know much about this material. In fact, the polyester film produced now has many advantages. This material is different from the general material. The polyester film can also maintain its original state even under high temperature conditions, and there will be no quality problems due to the influence of high temperature. In addition, the processing method of the polyester film is relatively flexible, and printing and other process operations can be carried out on the surface of the polyester film at ordinary times. The polyester film is very flexible and convenient in application. If there are many classification methods to distinguish PET polyester film according to its use, for example, a large number of insulating films are used in the electrical industry. This material is one of the polyester films, and the insulating film is also affected by voltage. There will be no change, so related industries will use insulating films to make insulating products, and the material specifications are also richer, which can better meet people's installation and use requirements. In addition, the capacitor film is also a kind of PET polyester film. Now the actual application of the capacitor film is relatively wide. Usually when the film is used, it can be stretched at will, so that the film can quickly return to its original shape after the shape changes, and the material The electrical resistance is very high, which is also an application feature that other materials do not have. Manufacturers can use capacitor films to make insulation layers and other products. At present, there are more and more classifications of PET polyester film. The practical application of this film has also solved application problems for many production industries. Therefore, as people learn more about polyester film, the practical application of this film in the future The application will be more extensive, and it will also bring more benefits to people's production work.
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