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What are the applications of metallized BOPP films?

Jun 01,2022

Global demand for metallized BOPP films is driving manufacturers to increase production capacities. The high recycling rate of metallized BOPP films makes it easy to recycle and market as a sustainable material. But what is metallized BOPP film?  Metalized BOPP films are a perfect choice for a variety of packaging applications.

The metallic coating on one side of metallized BOPP films provides an excellent water vapour and gas barrier. The film is also designed to offer excellent lamination adhesive reception and very good surface treatment retention behaviour. In addition, the untreated heat-sealable side exhibits excellent seal strength. Various industries can benefit from this film's versatility.

Market for Metalized BOPP films is largely driven by the food industry. This flexible packaging material can keep food fresher longer, improve packaging quality, reduce waste, and protect against moisture. Moreover, it is a low carbon-footprint material, which is a major advantage of the product. Due to these benefits, manufacturers from various industry verticals are using metallized BOPP films in packaging their products. They can also use these films for decoration and wrapping purposes.

Metalized BOPP films are a type of thermoformable plastics. They are commonly coated with a thin layer of metal on one or both sides. While aluminum is the most popular metal used, other metals such as silver are sometimes added for specific applications. The metals are strong and durable and allow them to bond with other surfaces. This makes them useful for many different applications in the electronics industry. In addition to electronics, metallized BOPP films can be used as labels, gift wraps, and lamination of finished goods.
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