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What are the applications of PET coated film?

Jul 30,2021

SiOx or Alox coated PET film is also known as alox film, which has a somewhat misleading short name in Japan but which has a better meaning altogether as PET film with oxygen barrier. With these high barrier plastics well employed in many other packaging applications, this newly developed PET film has been developed as a potential replacement for the natural food packaging needs. This new type of packaging can be used to supply the product directly from the manufacturing plant right through the distribution system. It can then be stored away safely until it is needed. As the food product is supplied in flexible films, the transportation of them is simplified. This means that the actual physical properties of the finished product can be determined at pre-production stages. This will allow manufacturers to adjust the thickness and quality of the barrier as required for various end-products. For instance, they can provide the customer with a range of different thicknesses and qualities, depending on what is needed. In addition to being flexible and cost-effective, a food service industry can also benefit from the production of their own coated pet film. These rolls can be simply rolled out of an automatic plastic extrusion machine, cut to the required size and dried under heat-treating. When they arrive at the packaging point, the customer simply needs to peel the individual sheets and place them together. The coated rolls can be stacked in either standard dimensional bread rolls or slightly customized octopus rolls. Further processing includes application of the appropriate electrochemical, mechanical and chemical coatings according to the particular requirements. These coatings generally consist of one or more of the following materials: silver, titanium, polyester, gold, indium tin oxide or carbon. Additionally, some coated pet films include silver-zinc-coated film and tin-zona coating. There are several benefits to using a coated film as opposed to other methods of barrier production. For instance, the coated pet film allows an easy removal of air by means of a simple airbrush. Additionally, the production of this barrier is far more economical than most alternatives. The coated polyester film can be printed on, rolled out and then glued or nailed together. Alternatively, it can simply be peeled off its internal plastic sheet, cut to the required size and applied to a suitable substrate. Alternatively, if the substrate is to be applied directly to a hard substrate, it can be applied by a brush or a piece of metal. Regardless of the method used, the final product is usually far easier and quicker to produce than alternative forms of barrier. The fact that it is now so easy to mass manufacture this type of barrier means that it will soon become commonplace within many industries.
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