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What are the applications of PVDC coating film?

Jul 07,2022

The benefits of PVDC coated films are obvious. Not only are they see-through, but they are also impervious to moisture and gases. These films also have excellent sealability for both temperature and heat. Hence, these films are ideal for packaging perishable items, such as foods and flowers.

Demand for PVDC-coated films
The demand for PVDC-coated films is expected to be the fastest-growing in the next few years, especially in emerging markets like India and China. The region is expected to witness strong economic growth in the coming years due to the rising population and rising standard of living. A growing number of consumers is also expected to consume more packaged food products, boosting the PVDC-coated films market in the near future. PVDC-coated films are considered as a useful and efficient solution for food packaging due to their excellent barrier properties to oxygen, aroma, and moisture.

Application of PVDC-coated films
The food and beverage industry is one of the largest consumers of PVDC-coated films. PVDC-coated films are highly effective in food and beverage packaging because of their high barrier to aromas and oxygen.

Alternatives to PVDC-coated films
PVDC is a clear and flexible synthetic polymer with excellent barrier properties. This material is non-reactive to moisture and gas and is often used in combination with other plastics. It is also microwaveable, printable, and has excellent bond strength and cling properties. In addition to its superior barrier properties, PVDC is resistant to various chemicals, heat, and temperatures. This makes it a viable alternative to PVDC-coated films in a wide range of applications.
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