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What are the characteristics and uses of protective film?

Apr 07,2022

PET film is the most common protective film on the market.

The characteristics of PET protective film are:
1. It has good mechanical strength.
2. It has good chemical resistance and can withstand the erosion of various chemical substances.
3. It has excellent transparency and smoothness, and has a good display effect.
4. Coated with high molecular conductive polymer, the surface resistivity is low, the performance is stable, and it is not affected by the ambient temperature and humidity.
5. It has good adaptability to environmental protection, can be recycled economically and conveniently, and does not produce harmful substances that harm the environment when its waste is incinerated.
6. Good barrier properties to oxygen and water vapor.
7. The thermoforming performance is good, which is equivalent to ordinary PVC sheet, and can be made into PET thermoforming products with excellent performance by vacuum forming. PET sheet is considered to be an ideal packaging material that meets the requirements of environmental protection.

Application of PET protective film:
1. Surface hardening (HC) treatment up to 3.5-4H, anti-scratch and wear-resistant.
2. The silicone composite layer is an adhesive, which can prevent the formation of air bubbles.
3. The characteristic of silica gel is that it can be pasted repeatedly without leaving any traces or corroding the surface.
4. It is used to protect LCD, touch screen, mobile phone, digital camera and PDA screen, avoid scratches during use, and achieve the effect of protecting the screen.
5. The composite silicone layer can effectively absorb some direct collisions and protect the display from damage.
6. The optical effect of ultra-high light transmittance, and there is no residual glue after removal.
7. Non-reflective, increase the color of the display.
8. Silica gel will not deteriorate over time, and will not leave corrosive adhesives on the surface of the screen like other pastes, which is safe and reliable.
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