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What are the characteristics of pe electrostatic film?

Apr 28,2022

PE electrostatic film is generally a transparent film. When making this protective film, it is made by adding anti-static liquid after gluing the PE protective film. Generally, after adding anti-static effect, the film will be rolled up. Slightly greyed out. PE electrostatic film is suitable for touch screens of mobile electronic products, glass lenses, various types of panels and surface protection of shipped products.

PE electrostatic film is easy to use, can provide good protection for packaging items, and is easy to use. It has been widely used in the production process of FPC, PCB, and electronic components to protect the surface material and prevent the occurrence of static electricity. In practical application, this kind of protective film will not drop powder when cross-cut, and has excellent printing function, mobile phone button coating process protection, plastic parts shell, diffusion film surface, PORON and other foam punching and other protection.

The good performance of PE electrostatic film is not only related to its own material selection, but also closely related to production standards. The production environment of this product is required, and it is produced in a purification workshop of ≤1000 grades to ensure good appearance quality of the product. Secondly, the product has high cleanliness, good transparency and good weather resistance. Moreover, the practical application of this product has the advantages of easy peeling, no residual glue after pasting, no traces, and little pollution from small molecules.

That is to say, after using the PE electrostatic film product, it can effectively prevent the dust and particles contained in the air from being adsorbed by the product, and reduce the damage to the microelectronic device caused by static electricity. Compared with ordinary types of PE protective films, the bonding layer must be due to the electrostatic adsorption of silicon ions. Reasons: the compound glue is highly viscous, not easy to peel off, and has a certain degree of corrosiveness. If it is pasted on the LCD screen for too long, it will easily corrode the screen surface. , which affects the image quality display effect.

PE electrostatic film is generally a surface protective film made of three-layer co-extrusion of various materials or multi-layer co-extrusion synchronously, with PE material as the base material, one of which is EVA self-adhesive material, which belongs to low molecular polymer When the surface of the protective film gathers a large amount of low-molecular-weight polymers, these low-molecular-weight polymers will be embedded with the tiny pits on the surface of the product to be pasted.

As a result, it can be pasted with the product without applying glue, which is the so-called electrostatic adsorption pasting. In the market, electrostatic film can also be called self-adhesive film. This electrostatic protective film does not need to be coated with glue. It is safe and environmentally friendly, easy to stick and stick, and electrostatic adsorption.

PE electrostatic film is widely used in surface protection of hardware products, TV frames, optoelectronics, electronic instruments, acrylic sheets, PC sheets, plastic product shells, high-gloss panels, glass lenses, stainless steel, PC electroplating plates, aluminum high-gloss surface materials, etc. Can also be used for high temperature thermal paste.

PE electrostatic film has the following characteristics:
1. The pe electrostatic film itself does not contain any kind of chemical solvent. It is produced in a 1000-level high-clean dust-free workshop. No matter in the production process or in the future use process, no toxic and harmful substances will be produced.
2. The surface of the pe electrostatic film has good adsorption, good adhesion, and no residual glue after tearing off, which does not affect the appearance of the product.
3. Easy to stick and easy to tear, good temperature resistance, no yellowing and overflowing glue, easy to operate and light, safe and environmentally friendly.
4. Smooth surface, good transparency, no dust spots, uniform thickness
5. It has good moisture resistance and weather resistance, and can withstand high temperatures of up to 120 degrees, and can be used in high temperature environments.
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