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What are the functions of PET protective film?

In terms of function, the PET protective film is to put a layer of film on the physical objects we want to protect, so that they are not damaged. Now there are functional protective films such as AR anti-reflective film, AG matte anti-reflective film, mobile phone mirror film, privacy film, high-definition scratch-resistant film and so on. AR anti-reflective and anti-electromagnetic radiation protective film is basically made of pet material, with a three-layer anti-scratch and anti-electromagnetic radiation structure. Protective film thickness: about 0.25mm. Anti-reflective, anti-electromagnetic radiation, and effectively filter ultraviolet rays. Electrostatic adsorption technology, without glue, can be pasted multiple times. Very high abrasion resistance, outstanding scratch resistance, and durable. The light transmittance reaches 99%, and the picture is clear and vivid. Adopting a three-layer structure, the surface layer is a frosted layer, which can effectively resist fingerprints, and no marks will be left when the finger slides; even if sweat and other liquid residues are left, it can be cleaned by lightly wiping with hands, which guarantees the vision of the screen to a greater extent effect. The material is processed by a special process, which can effectively prevent reflection and reduce the problem of reflection of the screen in the sun or waiting. Using ultra-fine louver optical technology, the screen data users can read from the front 60-degree viewing angle. When the viewing angle is greater than 60 degrees, the content on the screen cannot be seen clearly. When the viewing angle is 30 degrees, the screen content is blurred., Suitable for Protect business secrets and personal privacy. The existing privacy film products are a combination of the original anti-reflective film, anti-ultraviolet film, mirror film, and anti-radiation film by adding new functions of the privacy film. Because PET material has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good transparency and gas barrier, non-toxic, tasteless, etc., it has achieved rapid development. Since the 1990s, the production and application of plastic packaging materials have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain. With the maturity of touch technology, PET materials are naturally used on various liquid crystal displays, which is today's PET protective film.
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