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What are the product characteristics of PET silicon-free release film?

Dec 01,2021

Silicone-free release film is based on high-flat, high-clean polyester film, with a thickness of 12μ-188μ transparent substrate and 12μ-100μ matte substrate, coated with imported silicon-free release agent combined with many years of practical experience, research and development It is the top silicon-free release film on the market. The following will explain the product characteristics of PET silicone-free release film.

1. Product composition inspection is 100% free of organic silicon residues, the release effect is stable, and it is green and environmentally friendly.

2. The release film is a high-end press-bonded isolation material with extremely high filling type, which can completely replace copper foil, PTX press board, and matt release film is the best choice for the processing of epoxy dendritic printed circuit boards. , Has high tensile strength and tear, low shrinkage, high anti-sticking characteristics.

3. The surface is clean, no scratches, uniform coating, no transfer, and small shrinkage.

Product use: Silicone-free release film, used for FPC/PCB/HDI/LCL/laminated and backlogged circuit board manufacturing. The surface adopts a silicon-free coating process to eliminate the problem of residual silicone oil pollution. Silicone-free release film is just for High-quality environmentally friendly products that meet this demanding process and provide customers.
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