What are the reasons for the transfer of aluminized layer?

1. The bonding firmness between the aluminized layer and the base film is relatively poor.
2. The selected adhesive is inappropriate.
3. The curing time of the composite film is too long.
4. The amount of glue applied is too large, the adhesive is not sufficiently dried, and the residual solvent gradually penetrates into the aluminized layer, causing the migration of the aluminized layer.
5. Improper tension control, the base film of the aluminized film undergoes elastic deformation under greater tension, which affects the adhesion of the aluminized layer, which is also one of the factors that promote the migration of the aluminized layer of the aluminized film.
The main reason for the transfer of aluminum plating is film deformation, and the second reason is the adhesive. At the same time, the aluminum-plated structure is most afraid of water, even if a drop of water penetrates into the aluminum-plated composite layer, serious delamination will occur.

ALOx film

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