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What are the use of metallized chemical treated metalized PET film?

Dec 02,2022

Metallized Chemical Treated Metalized PET Film is designed for packaging applications that require high metal adhesion. It can also provide protection against humidity and aggressive chemicals. It is produced by extruding polymine and ethylene-vinyl acetate in an adhesive layer. It is then coated with an intermediate layer of PEI and a hot cement layer. It has excellent properties of metal adhesion and lamination bond strength. It can also be used for various printing processes such as al-metalizing, printing laminated and printing inkjet.

It has outstanding adhesion performance to metal and water-based inks. It has good blocking performance and can withstand thermal treatments up to 110deg C. It is resistant to chemicals such as sodium hydroxide, sodium nitrate and nitrite. It is an environmentally friendly packaging material. It has high brightness and tensile strength. The chemically treated PET film can be used in many applications such as electrical insulation, printing, packaging and consumer products. The chemically treated PET film can also be used as an antistatic film.

The surface treatment of metallized film has to take into consideration the film processing and the end use applications of the product. The type of coating can also affect the adhesion performance of the film. It is also possible to use water-soluble polymers in inks to improve the surface tension of the film. This can increase the speed of printing and the ornamental value of the printed matter.

There are a number of chemically treated PET films available in the market. They can be applied to the surface of the film during manufacturing or after. It is a good way to improve the surface adhesion performance of the film. It can also increase the tensile strength and the brightness of the film. These coatings can be applied on both sides of the film.
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