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What factors affect the appearance quality of PET release film?

1. Coating head
At present, the coating heads widely used by silicon coating enterprises in my country mainly use the methods of scraping bar/anilox roller/roller coating/multi-roller roller coating. Nothing more than a slight improvement in appearance performance. Essentially, the improvement is no more than 20%. In foreign countries, a micro-engraved roller with a certain angle is used for coating, which has improved the transparency from an optical point of view. It also completely eliminates the possibility of rainbow lines appearing.

2. Coating formulation composition
At present, silicon coating enterprises in my country widely use products commonly known as 120# solvent oil, but from the perspective of coating PET release film, a better solvent should be toluene, xylene, or even some special solvents (the technology considered here). The core needs to be kept confidential, please understand). Toluene and xylene will cause a certain degree of damage to the body of the operators of the production line, and it is necessary to take protective measures.

3. Drying tunnel
A good drying tunnel is also the key core technology for success. The design of many key points such as the air outlet and air outlet angle of the drying tunnel also determines the quality of this production line. Equipment manufacturers do not understand the use environment and process, otherwise, they will not make equipment and switch to making materials.

4. Temperature curve
A reasonable temperature curve is also the core point to solve the appearance problem of PET release film. What is the temperature when entering the drying tunnel? What temperature is most conducive to the volatilization of the solvent? What temperature is the most conducive to the curing of silicone? What temperature is most conducive to the stability of the release layer? These are all crucial. Many domestic equipment manufacturers are equipped with the most primitive thermal relays for the coating machine. During the production process, the temperature fluctuates greatly, how can a stable product be delivered to the customer?

5. Rewinding environment
The quality of the rewinding also has a considerable impact on the quality. Some equipment manufacturers, because of the backward manufacturing process, either use a lot of tension to wind the PET release film (it is not easy to run the roll), but the film is deformed and injured. Some are wound with a very small tension, and the film is easy to run off the roll, and it is also injured. A proper control system is crucial. Being able to wind up neatly on the coater is a top priority. Without certain operating experience and high-quality equipment, these are all in vain.
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