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What is aluminized PET film?

Jun 04,2020

Aluminized PET film  is a barrier film formed by depositing a thin layer of aluminum atoms on high-quality PET film through
vacuum aluminum plating process. It has bright metal gloss, excellent gas and light barrier and good moisture resistance. The
advantages of heat resistance and puncture resistance can be used instead of aluminum foil.
The aluminum-plated film has good reflection ability to ultraviolet and infrared rays, and can achieve the function of blocking
ultraviolet rays. At the same time, it can improve the oxygen barrier of the film. It has a moisture blocking effect and has a
metallic luster.
It is widely used in food packaging, industrial tobacco packaging, compounding, printing, stickers, etc. Suitable for all kinds
of high-end tobacco and alcohol packaging, gift boxes and other gold and silver cardboard, etc., can be used for milk powder,
tea, medicine, food and other packaging and trademarks, laser anti-counterfeiting materials.
1. The thickness of aluminum plating is generally 0.02-0.06μm, which can be measured by optical densitometer;
2. The aluminum coating is uniform. Measuring 10 points within 120m in the longitudinal direction, the thickness error is less
than 10%, and measuring 18 points in the horizontal direction, the error is less than 5%;
3. Adhesion of aluminum coating. Check with adhesive tape, the coating will not fall off when the tape is removed;
4. The UV transmittance is below 5%.

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