What is the cleaning method of the light film?

The cleaning method of the light film is to mount a transparent plastic film on the paper product, which is the film. Laminating film is divided into "light film" and "dumb film". The surface effect of the light film is crystal clear and bright, changing and colorful, and not changing color. Has a soft feel and colorful surface design
1. The light film is easy to clean
2. The dirty surface can be cleaned with a soft cloth or sponge dipped in warm water with detergent, or 2% or 3% soapy water.
3. Please do not scrub directly with a dry cloth or dry sponge
4. Special cleaning and care agent for plastics is dedicated to cleaning and care of plastic surfaces.
5. In principle, cleaning agents cannot contain carbohydrates such as fragrances, esters, ketones, halogenated carbohydrates and alcohol.
6. When using a cabinet with high-gloss film door panels for the first time, after the high-gloss film is removed, please keep the kitchen dry and ventilated. This is conducive to the volatilization of the glue remaining on the surface of the high-gloss film after the protective film is removed, and strengthen the surface resistance of the high-gloss film. Abrasive.

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