What is the difference between common easy-to-peel cover film materials?

At present, the common easy-to-peel cover films on the market mainly include elastomer easy-to-peel cover films, acidic resin easy-to-peel cover films, and polybutylene easy-to-peel cover films. What are the advantages of these three kinds of easy-to-peel cover films? What about bad?

First introduce the easy-to-peel elastomer cover film. The cost of the easy-to-peel elastomer cover film is low, but the easy-tear and easy-to-peel strength is uncontrollable. Because of its low cost, it is mainly used in the low-end market. It is also the main force in the low-end market. At present, the most common Elastomer easy-to-peel cover film application is jelly cover film. Elastomer easy-to-peel cover film adopts blown film casting process with medium airtightness. Generally, the materials used are PP and PE.

Secondly, we introduce the easy-to-peel cover film of acid resin. Acidic resin easy-to-remove lid film has better performance than elastomer easy-to-remove lid film. It is applicable to a wide variety of products, but the price is also more expensive and processing is difficult. The main application products are yogurt cup lid film, sterile medical products and other acidic resin easy-to-remove lids The film adopts the production and processing technology of blown film casting and extrusion, which has high processing requirements and good sealing performance, but the cost is higher than that of elastomer easy-to-peel film.

Next, we introduce the third kind of easy-to-peel cover film-polybutene easy-to-peel cover film. This product has controllable easy-to-peel and easy-to-peel strength and good airtightness. It mainly adopts blown film casting processing technology. The cost is higher than that of elastomer easy-to-peel film, but it is lower than acidic resin easy-to-peel film. It ranks first among the three easy-to-peel cover films, and the main application products are medical aseptic packaging, food packaging, etc.

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