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What is the difference between PET release film and film products?

Many users don't know much about PET release film, and they often encounter various problems when buying release film. Are release films and film products the same? When purchasing a release film, users should note that there is a certain difference between this film and ordinary film products. There will be no glue on the film products, so when you touch the surface of the film with your hands, it will not Feel the viscosity, and the release film and thin film are different in the production process and feel.

When making PET release film, PET is used as a raw material for processing, and a layer of pressure-sensitive adhesive is added to the surface of the PET, so this film will have a certain viscosity, so that it can be better when the release film is used. Good adhesion to the surface of the object to achieve a good protective effect. But you should pay attention to this problem when buying release film. Although some products have viscosity, you can hardly feel it when you touch the surface of the film with your hands. At this time, you need to make a difference from ordinary films, so in order to purchase the correct The products need to be purchased by professionals.

When buying PET release film, you can also combine the following methods to make distinctions. The release film will use some release agent during processing, so when you touch the film, one side is smooth. If you use tape to stick the film, and then tear off the tape, you will find that the peeling force is not very large, and you can buy ordinary films. There will be no such phenomenon in the production.

If you don't know how to distinguish between PET release film and ordinary film when buying PET release film, the easiest way is to feel the viscosity of the film by hand, so that you can quickly distinguish which products are release film products.
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