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What is the difference between using PET color film and other materials?

Apr 02,2021

Nowadays, PET color film is used in many processing places. So what is a color film, and what is the difference between this film and ordinary PET film? In fact, when making color films, the raw materials used are not much different from those of ordinary PET films. However, in order to form different color effects after the color film production is completed, a special process is required to complete the film. Processing and production process, the color film made in this way can achieve different refraction degrees, and achieve better installation and use effects. The above is a brief introduction about the difference between PET color film and general PET film. The decoration effect of color film is very good, so this material is widely used in the packaging industry. The use of color film in these places can achieve ideal applications. The effect can also improve the grade and aesthetics of the product, but when processing the color film, the processing site must pay attention to whether the selection of high processing methods is reasonable. In the process of processing the PET color film, it should be noted that the texture of the film is not very thick, so avoid excessive stretching and tearing during processing. If excessive force is used, the film will have varying degrees of quality problems. , It will also affect the actual application effect of the membrane. In addition, the printing industry can usually print different patterns on the surface of the color film, which can achieve a better decorative effect, but the problem that needs to be paid attention to is that the temperature should be controlled during printing. If the temperature is too high during processing, the film will also be affected. When the color film is processed, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the selected equipment is suitable. These are all operational issues that need to be paid attention to.
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