What is the OPP aluminum coating process?

OPP aluminized film process, the aluminized film is to evaporate high-purity aluminum wire into gaseous state at high temperature (1100~1200℃) through vacuum aluminizing process, and then when the plastic film passes through the vacuum evaporation chamber, the gaseous aluminum molecules are deposited to A bright metallic color film formed on the surface of a plastic film.
Direct vapor deposition method: the vaporized substrate is directly passed through a vacuum coating machine to vaporize metal aluminum on the surface of the substrate to form an aluminum film. The direct evaporation method has higher requirements on the substrate, especially for the formation of a bright metal film, which requires the substrate to have a good surface smoothness. If the surface of the paper is rough, the direct evaporation method should be used, and the surface should be coated before aluminum plating. In addition, the volatile matter of the substrate is less during the evaporation process. Therefore, the direct evaporation method has greater limitations on the substrate. It is mainly suitable for the evaporation of plastic films, and can also be used for the evaporation of paper, but the quality of the paper is high and the quantitative of the paper is limited.

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