What is the transfer method of aluminized film?

The transfer method of aluminized film. Aluminized film is to evaporate high-purity aluminum wire into gaseous state at high temperature (1100~1200℃) through vacuum aluminizing process. Then, when the plastic film passes through the vacuum evaporation chamber, the gaseous aluminum molecules precipitate to A bright metallic color film formed on the surface of a plastic film.
The metal aluminum layer is transferred to the surface of the substrate by means of a carrier film (vacuum aluminum film) to form an aluminum film. The transfer method is a new process developed on the basis of the direct vapor deposition method. It overcomes the limitation of the direct vapor deposition method on the substrate. It is especially suitable for aluminum plating on various papers and cardboards. It can also be used for plastics. Aluminum plating of thin films. The transfer method has been applied to aluminized products such as cloth, fiber, leather and other substrates.
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