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What kind of production problems do paper-aluminum-plastic composite films encounter?

Jan 23,2021

Paper-aluminum-plastic composite film, which is widely used in pharmaceutical packaging, is a kind of medicinal outer packaging film. It is not only more suitable for daily carrying and access than traditional pharmaceutical packaging materials, but also has a high The advantages of the application can better protect drugs. In the printing and laminating process of paper-aluminum-plastic composite film, what kind of production problems do packaging manufacturers often suffer from? Today, let’s take a brief look at a common quality problem in production-heat-sealing and delamination of the paper and aluminum layer, which is also a manifestation of the substandard composite strength. In the production of packaging manufacturers, the delamination phenomenon of paper and aluminum layer also has many manifestations, and the causes are also different. The parts that cause the heat-sealing and delamination of the paper aluminum layer are different. One delamination phenomenon only occurs in the heat-sealed part, and the non-heat-sealed part has good strength. Roughly because the heat of the heat sealing knife deteriorates the bonding fastness, it is mostly caused by insufficient heat resistance of the adhesive or insufficient cross-linking and curing. Second, the composite strength of the heat-sealed and non-heat-sealed parts of the paper-aluminum-plastic composite film is poor, which may be due to the strong absorption of the paper and the low coating amount that leaves the gap between the paper surface and the aluminum foil layer. If the amount of glue is too small, you can increase the coating amount or use the aluminum foil coating method to remedy it. Third, there is also a delamination phenomenon of paper-aluminum-plastic composite film, which is the delamination between paper layers. The analysis is due to the low bonding strength between paper fiber layers, which is related to the water content and cohesive strength of the paper itself.
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