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What You Need to Know About Metallized CPP Films?

Jul 01,2022

Metallized CPP films are lamination substrates that offer excellent tear and puncture resistance, a metallic lustre, and exceptional gas and water barrier properties. They are a popular alternative to aluminum foil in many applications.

Metallized CPP films are used as lamination substrates
Various materials are available in the market, which are suitable for lamination. Metalized CPP films are one of them. They provide enhanced barrier and bond strength. Moreover, they are available in standard thicknesses of 20 to 30 microns. In addition, they are characterized by low SIT (shelf-life index) of 96 to 98 degrees Celsius. As a result, they are used as lamination substrates in a variety of industries.

Metallized CPP film is a once-side-corona-treated, heat-sealed film that has almost the same characteristics as aluminum foil, but at a much lower price. It is used in packaging materials such as chips, confectionery, and other flexible packaging materials. Metalized CPP films are generally laminated with polyester or BOPP. These films are widely used as lamination substrates for packaging purposes.

They offer excellent puncture or tear resistance
A number of applications require high impact or puncture resistance. Metalized CPP films offer excellent puncture and tear resistance, and are used extensively in consumer goods packaging. They are also widely used in lamination to improve seal strength and moisture barrier properties. Their durability, low SIT temperature, and excellent puncture and tear resistance make them ideal for a wide variety of applications. Metalized CPP films are available in standard thicknesses of 20 microns to 30 microns.

Another common use of metalized CPP films is in food packaging. Because they are lightweight and tear-resistant, these films are ideal for transporting food and beverages. They also have excellent seal strength against heat and moisture, enhancing the integrity of the package. Metalized CPP films are ideal for food packaging applications and are often used in vacuum metalizing. The film's flexibility allows for a wide range of processing techniques.

They have a metallic lustre
As a versatile packaging material, CPP film can be used in various applications. Cosmo offers different variants of CPP film: clear, white opaque and metalized. All these variants offer excellent sealing properties and provide good gas and moisture barrier. They can also be easily combined with other film types and are highly resistant to oxygen. Read on to learn more about the benefits of using CPP film.

The process of producing metallised polypropylene involves applying an ultra-pure layer of aluminium onto a backing film. This process provides a metallic lustre to highly transparent polypropylene. Metalized CPP films are often laminated with other types of films and are useful for composites. They can also be used for printing and can protect products from light and oxygen.

They are an alternative to aluminum foil
Aluminum foil is lightweight, pliable, tear-resistant, and crease-resistant. It can be folded to a variety of shapes and sizes. It's also ideal for different packaging applications, including food preservation, construction, and the cosmetics industry. Metalized CPP Films are easy to recycle and can be printed. Aluminium foil can also be deep-drawn and bent without losing its barrier properties.
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