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What's the important properties of SiOx/ALOx coated film?

Nov 08,2021

SiOx/ALOx coated film is developed as popular food packaging requires further fuctions as below: transparency, metal detector capability, microwaveability, environmental friendliness. The development of SiOx/ALOx film in many countries especially in China creat more chance for normal customers with reletively lower cost.


ALOx coated PET film achieves inferior barrier property than aluminum foil by depositing tight AlOx molecular layer onto the PET substrate film. At present, the best barrier property of Changyu is able to get OTR value and WVTR value both under 1.0, with detailed information as below.

Although the SiOx/ALOx coating layer is some yellowish, the single layer ALOx PET film of Changyu has excellent transparency as the coating layer is very thin, that customers could clearly see the inner goods.

ALOx PET film

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