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Why chose flexible films?

Nov 01,2021

Flexible packaging is a fantastic invention comparing with traditional packaging.

1.It uses 75% less plastic than rigid plastics.

2.It reduced 70% packaging weight, that means lower shipping cost and more effective transportation.

3.Empty flexible pouches occupy up to 95% less space than traditional plastic packaging.

4.Flexible pouches needs lower production cost.


Flexible packagings are typically made from two or more films laminated together. Films can be laminated by adhesive, heat and pressure. For example, one common lamianted structure-PET/Ink/LLDPE.

Transparent PET - Polyester film as the outside priting layer that supports high corona treating and film strength.

Ink - Reverse printing to get sandwich structure for ink protection.

LLDPE - Poly - is the inside sealing layer that provides a moisture barrier and exhibits a low melting point. 


For better moisture and oxygen properties, ALOx PET film with coating layer(ALOx-P123) is becoming more and more popular in many countries.


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