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Why does high-barrier metallized PET film extend the shelf life of products?

Oct 17,2023

High-barrier metallized PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) film extends the shelf life of products due to its remarkable ability to create an effective protective barrier against external factors. This barrier is achieved through a combination of the film's intrinsic properties and the metallization process. Here's how high-barrier metallized PET film contributes to extending the shelf life of various products:
Moisture Barrier: High-barrier metallized PET film is highly impermeable to moisture. It acts as a barrier, preventing external moisture from entering the packaging and moisture within the package from escaping. This is crucial for products like food, pharmaceuticals, and electronic components, as moisture can lead to spoilage, degradation, and corrosion.
Oxygen Barrier: Oxygen can cause oxidative reactions in many products, leading to spoilage and deterioration. The metallized layer on PET film acts as an oxygen barrier, significantly reducing the permeation of oxygen into the package. This is particularly important for perishable goods, such as food and pharmaceuticals, as it helps maintain product freshness and quality.
Light and UV Protection: High-barrier metallized PET film provides excellent protection against light and UV radiation. UV rays can degrade the quality of products, leading to color fading, flavor changes, and reduced potency in pharmaceuticals. By blocking UV rays, the film helps preserve the integrity and appearance of the packaged items.
Aroma and Flavor Retention: Metallized PET film also helps retain the aroma and flavor of food products. It prevents the escape of volatile compounds, ensuring that the product tastes and smells as intended.
Chemical Resistance: The metallized layer enhances the film's chemical resistance, making it suitable for packaging products that may react with or be affected by external chemicals or gases.
Temperature Stability: High-barrier metallized PET film has excellent temperature stability. It can withstand a wide range of temperatures, which is crucial for products that require storage in various conditions.
Reduced Product Degradation: By minimizing exposure to oxygen, moisture, light, and other environmental factors, the film reduces the rate of product degradation. This leads to an extension of the product's shelf life and a reduction in the risk of spoilage.
Improved Barrier Bags: When used in barrier bags, high-barrier metallized PET film provides an added layer of protection. These bags are often used for products like pet food, medical devices, and industrial components, ensuring that the contents remain unaffected by external elements.
In summary, high-barrier metallized PET film serves as a protective shield that prevents the ingress of moisture, oxygen, light, and other external factors that can lead to product degradation. By maintaining a controlled environment within the packaging, it significantly extends the shelf life of various products, ensuring that consumers receive high-quality goods with prolonged freshness and integrity.
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