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Why twistable films are better choice?

Oct 13,2022

"Twistable film is one of the most traditional candy packaging methods, it accounts for about 15% in the whole candy packaging. At the beginning, the packaging material of candy was common manual packaging with paper (cellophane). Now high-grade and high-quality candy uses more personalized twisted film or folding paper.

It is an inevitable trend for Twistable VMPET to replace PVC twisted film, with incomparable advantages as below:

① Environmental protection: Twistable VMPET film is made of polyester, which is an environment-friendly recyclable product without any damage to human body and environment.

② Economical and efficient: PVC products more than 28μm support enough hardness and stiffness to meet the requirements of metallizing and printing. The thickness of Twistable VMPET is mainly 19μm, 23μm,25μm.19μm It is mainly used for manual packaging of dried meat, fresh fruit packaging or paper plastic composite packaging. And 23μm is mainly used for candy and chocolate packaging;

③ Stable performance and high efficiency: PVC products is brittle and uneven for narrow width and lower production speed. Twistable PET with excellent technical properties has obvious advantages in printing efficiency;

④ Beautiful and high-grade: the aluminum layer of pet kink film has higher firmness. If the protective resin (gold transfer oil) is properly added in the printing process, the printing pattern can be bright and clear; At the same time, using the characteristics of high rigidity and corrosion resistance of pet, local aluminum washing or pressing information layer treatment is carried out, with laser effect, strong three-dimensional printing effect, which greatly improves the grade of packaged products;

⑤ Safety: Twistble PET film has passed the inspection of FDA."
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